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About us...

Let’s introduce ourselves … or better let’s  reintroduce ourselves!

The name of our soap shop is Bi-o-live; bio from the Greek word which means life and the word olive. Because olive, which is one of the most important kind of Greek flora, is connected not only with the landscape of our country, our culture and our diet but also because olive oil is the basic ingredient of all the products we offer you  as our main cause is to care about your skin, hair, and body improving your quality of life.

We started our business four years ago, with lots of enthusiasm and love for the natural products we produce. Today with constant desire but more experience and training we present you our new products and we welcome you to try them..



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Our philosophy

Our phylosophy...



Our philosophy

  • We choose very carefully, certified ingredients from the Greek and the global market respecting our promise to the consumers for excellent quality products.

Our products:

  • They are natural and they don’t have any kind of chemical preservatives.
  • They don’t have surfactant substances SLS and SLES.
  • They are not tested on animals.
  • They are not from modified raw material.
  • For the production of our products we use the cool method. That means we do not over heat oil so it keeps all the beneficial components for the skin.


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Contact us...


Our business is in Palia Morsini, an urban area 6 miles from the centre of Xanthi. The buildings are not yet visitable. However, we are open from 09.00 until 18.00, if you really want to contact us, you can do it by calling us or sending us an e-mail.

Contact details:
Land line – FAX: 2541071941
Mobile: 6936974984
Email: info@bi-o-live.gr

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This post is also available in: Greek